November 22, 2014

Anderson Cooper gets pranked by his own staff on live TV

Anderson Cooper thought he was doing a segment on annoying co-worker "crimes" Monday night, but as it turned out, his co-workers had a little something else in store for the CNN host.

It seems that some of Cooper's colleagues have taken issue with a particular foul-smelling candle that he burns in his office. So they decided that rather than tell him of their dislike for the candle in person, they would let him read it off his teleprompter, live, on national television.

It didn't take long for Cooper to realize that the annoying co-worker he was describing was himself.

"Really, this is what the 'Ridiculist' is about tonight?" he said as a video began playing of the candle in his office. "I should have read it ahead of time."

Cooper went on to defend his "basil-scented candle," arguing that it was very expensive and creates a good vibe in the office. But according to his news crew, the scent is unbearable.