We love videos.  We here at waitwaitwhat.com watch more YouTube than we do TV.  So we created this site to highlight our favorites (because we figure if we like it, you might light it too!)

We like to feature popular videos as much as we do the “little guy” who we feel isn’t getting as much exposure as they should.  

In general, the videos we feature fall into four basic categories:
  • Informative – We love a great how-to or learning something new 
  • Funny – Who doesn’t like to laugh? 
  • Amazing – Something we haven’t seen before or didn’t think was even possible. 
  • Entertaining – Just generally entertaining!

Interested in submitting your video?  This can be a great way to increase traffic to your channel or site. If your video falls into one of the categories above, you can submit the link to your YouTube video here.  (Be sure to include an adequate description.)  We’ll give it a watch, and if we like it, we’ll feature it!

All video and content rights belong the sole property of their respective creators.  (We purposely don’t re-host videos, so that the owners can continue to monetize and link directly from their channel.)