September 20, 2014

Charlie Goes to Burning Man
A shortfilm by Jan Beddegenoodts
Charlie is an 81-year-old media professor from New York who is recovering from bone marrow cancer and a major open-heart surgery. He decides to go to the Burning Man festival – mentally and physically the most challenging festival in the world – in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Filmed / Editited / Produced by Jan Beddegenoodts
Sounddesign & Grading : Niel Iwens
Website: Wim De Herdt
Graphic Design: Dagmara Stozec

Belgian Soundrack in order of appearance

Black Flower - Solar Eclipse
Boogie Belgique – Darjeeling

Gabriel Rios – Gold

BP vs SM - Nichi - Sound Architecture Records -

Eptic – Gun Finga

Sunday Matinee – Tribute – Sound Architecture records


Doe Maar – Pa

Thanks To
The Burningman Comunity
Charles ‘ Charley’ Warner
Tom Laporte
Niele, Nico & Pieter