May 18, 2014

Cool homemade water bottle bass playing Black Sabbath's "Ironman"

Black Sabbath - Ironman on home made bottle bass guitar

It is a two-string fretless one made out of a water cooler bottle and a piece of wooden board. The mechanics are from an Ibanez electric guitar. The strings are regular E and A bass guitar strings.

Me and a couple of friends made this bass guitar while drunk and bored. It is now about 5 years old and has survived several festivals and bonfire nights of jamming.

One can also hit people with it without breaking it. :)

I plan on making it into a four string soon. I also have thought about putting frets on it, but I havn't yet found out how to do that and what to make the frets from.

Please bare with me if I made some mistakes while playing. It isn't the easiest thing to play on. But feel free to comment.

For building instructions, see this video that I made: