January 07, 2015

If only all jars were like this

Jar Invention Lifts It All!

First functional reusable jar that lifts, scrapes, suspends and promotes sustainability!

We can help you develop a reusable jar/container that dispense content inside present packaging. Whether the contents are inside a rigid plastic container, squeezable tube or flexible film, the consumer would simply drop in the product along with it's packaging and start dispensing! You can create brand identity with a reusable vessel that functions to lift, scrape and suspend. In addition, you can also promote sustainability by utilizing flexible film as a packaging format for the product to add inside the reusable vessel. As a result, our garbage would be nothing more than flattened sandwich bags instead bulky plastic jars and containers we throw away everyday!

If you are looking for a way to dispense your branded product and need a lift, we can help you dispense viscous or non viscous product. Whether it's for a mobile paint roller, bbq brush, tire and rim cleaner, mop, windshield squeegee, toilet bowl cleaner inside a brush and many more..... Our Patent Pending dispensing invention can be tailored to fit your need.

For product questions and applications, please contact ron@liftechinc.com

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