October 29, 2014

The all new Crazy Cart XL is here! (And I want one!)

Ok... let's start this off with a big THANK YOU to all you Crazy Cart fans that spread the word last year about this amazing product and especially those of you who demanded an 'adult-size' version!
Using your comments, email, and messages, we were able to convince Razor to make a small run of Crazy Cart XL's, the funnest, largest, and most expensive ($799) item Razor has ever taken a chance on. Available for sale this December, the XL will not be in stores nor advertised on TV... with only 1600 being produced in this pilot run, the only places you can get a Crazy Cart XL are on www.RAZOR.com & www.ToysRus.com. At this price point, the Crazy Cart XL is not a toy, it is a serious tool for drifting fun. As you see in the video, we have tried to design it as such. Rather than just make a 'bigger version' of the original, we started with a blank slate and designed the Crazy Cart XL around a 6'3", 250 lb. driver (though we have successfully tested it with drivers over 300lbs).
Through repeated cycles of testing and design revision, the optimal design became clear. The 44" length and raised seat position were determined when we found that just 'making it longer' moved the driver's weight further away from the front drive wheel, resulting in a loss of traction and thus compromised the Cart's performance. By raising the seat, it is not only easier for larger drivers to get in and out of the Cart, it also allowed us to move the seat closer to the front wheel while still leaving room for long legs. The XL's width of just under 30" was determined by the desire to keep it narrow enough to cruise through both interior and exterior doorways.
The drive train components were determined by setting a goal of delivering the low end torque needed to get heavier drivers moving, while maintaining a top speed of 17mph. The Crazy Cart XL features a 500 Watt motor with rare earth magnets and a powerful 36 Volt, quick change battery system. We redesigned the chain guides and increased the tooth engagement on the chain to minimize the chances of the chain coming off.
The drift bar was redesigned to be more comfortable and easier to lift for larger drivers. We stepped up to 15mm wide wheels and high quality aluminum casters to increase the durability of the rear wheels. It's important to note here that these wheels can last you a long time if you use the drift bar to drift and corner. If you choose not to use the drift bar when cornering, you will scrub your wheels and, like another tire used for drifting, your wheels will wear quickly. Don't know how else to emphasize this other than to say: "IF YOU WANT YOUR REAR WHEELS TO LAST A LONG TIME, USE THE DRIFT BAR!!!".
The center-plunge accelerator pedal we used on the original Crazy Cart has been replaced with a bottom-hinged pedal to ensure ease of use and performance. The steering wheel is larger and has been designed to turn more than 180° in each direction, allowing you to steer both directions when driving in reverse. The steel frame has been designed to provide durability and performance. The width allowed us to spread out the back wheels, making the XL the most stable Crazy Cart we have ever produced. We also designed it to allow vertical storage, saving space when not in use and making it easy to work on your Crazy Cart XL. As you can tell, we put a lot of thought in to the Crazy Cart XL and strived for quality and performance. We're hoping you guys like it as much as we do, so we can continue to make the case for high-quality tools for fun like the Crazy Cart XL!

Note: The biggest form of help you could provide us is spreading the word about this item. If you like this product and want to see Razor put out more high end products like the Crazy Cart XL, please SHARE this video with your friends! Thanks again for all the support!